Nitrile Chemo Medical Examination Gloves

Powder-Free 9" Cuff


4 mil thickness Box / 100


Safe-Sense Nitrile gloves are Health Canada and FDA approved for medical examination purposes..


Along with the durability and strength of nitrile, these gloves were tested using ASTM standards for permeation against 65 chemotherapy drugs and chemicals.


*   Their ambidextrous design with textured fingertips and beaded cuff ensure a sturdy, comfortable product, combining safety and tactile sensitivity. Their silky smooth finish and polyurethane coating makes them extra comfortable to wear and easy to don and remove. Safe-Sense gloves are made from durable nitrile, thus eliminating Type 1 allergic reactions associated with natural rubber. 


Trust Safe-Sense to provide the protection you need. These gloves are great for all non-hazardous and hazardous daily compounding activities. 


FEATURES: • Tested using ASTM standards for permeation against 65 chemotherapy drugs and chemicals* • Not made with natural rubber latex – Eliminates Type 1 allergic reaction associated with natural rubber • Produced with distilled water for a silky feeling 


USE THESE GLOVES FOR: • Hazardous drug compounding • Non-hazardous drug compounding CONFORMS TO ASTM D6978 – A REQUIREMENT FOR USP <800> 


PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS: LENGTH: ≥ 9" (≥ 230 mm) MATERIAL: Nitrile, Powder-Free THICKNESS: 4 mil PROTEIN LEVEL: Proteins not detected 


DESIGN: Ambidextrous; beaded cuff to reduce roll down and ripping TEXTURE: Textured fingertips for exceptional grip and sensitivity 



100 gloves / box

SAFE-SENSE™ Nitrile 9 inch Chemo Medical Examination Gloves

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