NEW! PRO+ Respirator Mask




Break-through innovation in PPE technology engineered to keep professionals and those around them safe.


Key Features:

  • Recommended Duration: 35 Cleaning Cycles

  • Filters both inhale and exhale

  • Reusable and cost-effective

  • 99.9% recyclable, reduced medical waste

  • Certified ASTM F2101-19,  >95% effective protecting against viruses, bacteria and particulates

  • Translucent, breathable and moulded for a perfect seal

  • Easily washable with soap and water

  • PRO+ patented disposable and interchangeable single use, N95 filters

  • Customizable colours available

  • Available in Adult size Medium and Large

  • Fit testing qualitative & quantitative tested and pasted

  • Diswasher safe

  • Can be cleaned with soap & water

  • Disinfect between patients


*6 reusable masks per case. 360 filters per case.

Pro+ (N95 FILTERS!)

Excluding GST/HST