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Health Canada Approved, Medical PPE.

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Procedural Masks

Made in Canada!

3 Ply Procedural Masks (Medical).

We have chosen to support the Canadian economy, and sell Medical Masks that are Made In Canada only!


Our business is owned by Canadians, living in Canada, making Canadian Products. We are proud to be Canadian!

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Made in Canada!


What is a made in Canada Respirator? N95?
A new industry emerged when the Canadian/Provincial governments asked for help in 2020. As a result the Canadian Manufacturing sector stepped up and created what was needed, a Health Canada, CSA approved respirator. Equivalent to an N95.

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Kids Masks

Made in Canada!

Kids Masks (ASTM level 1).
Made in Canada!

A child's face is a different size then an adult face.

A child will need a mask that properly fit's their face.

We only carry the best, most comfortable brands to keep your littles ones safe!

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